Integrity, Efficiency and
Simplified Power Exclusive Clients know exactly what they are paying for procurement services.

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Transparency Simplified Power leads the industry
in transparency and integrity!

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Transparency with Simplified Power saves you time and money!

Working with Power Brokers can be downright dangerous to your bottom line. Unfortunately, there are no requirements of Brokers to provide fee transparency which becomes a component of your electricity rate. Many Suppliers allow Brokers to add as many as ten mils to their rates...or maybe, to YOUR rates. Simplified Power can help you avoid this disaster with the the fee transparency you need from a Power Broker.

Most of the Brokers in ERCOT fail to ever mention their adders and claim that they are “paid by the Supplier”. True, they are paid by the Supplier, but FALSE, if they claim it is not coming out of your bank account. The amount paid to the Broker is simply an added component of your new electricity rate. Fair enough that a Broker gets paid for negotiating a good rate on your behalf, but shouldn't we know how much?

Simplified Power Exclusive Clients know exactly what they are paying for procurement services. Our commitment to our Exclusive Customers who have committed to Simplified Power, provides the transparency needed as well as some of the lowest fees in the industry.

Several Brokers simply send your consumption information to Suppliers and add on their fee while NEVER negotiating a better rate. Coincidentally, you may often find yourself with the Supplier that pays the most aggressive commissions. Simplified Power combines a competitive bidding process with a transparent fee based solution for all of your future energy contracts. Transparency through Simplified Power is a highly integrity based solution for your business. It is simple, efficient and transparent!

Staying in the market on a continuous basis is imperative to taking advantage of favorable market conditions. It is not always about “who you buy from” but often “when you buy!”. Simplified Power keeps your involvement in the market constant. . We will keep you updated with load specific pricing data that we obtain on a weekly basis. No reason to worry about gauged prices because you will have the transparency you need to guarantee a fair relationship

If you would like to stay with your current Broker, Simplified Power Consulting Services can help you negotiate a fair and reasonable agreement that provides security and transparency.

SP Facts

  • Fact #1

    Simplified Power can be as much as ten times lower than what other Brokers charge.

  • Fact #2

    Many Brokers do not reveal the amount they have added to your rate.

  • Fact #3

    Simplified Power Exclusive Clients know their exact procurement costs through fee transparency

  • Fact #4

    Simplified Power can help you analyze and negotiate a more effective agreement between you and your Broker.

  • Fact #5

    Many Brokers NEVER negotiate the prices provided by the Suppliers.

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